Zipadee-Zip Busy Town 3-6 months (12-19 Lbs-Up to 28 inches long)

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Size:SMALL 3-6 months (12-19 Lbs-Up to 28 inches long)  |  Color:Busy Town Want better sleep for your baby? (not to mention your family). See how this swaddle transition blanket makes a difference. The Zipadee-Zip wearable blanket is loved by sleep experts, pediatricians and parents everywhere! It provides a womb-like environment and full range of movement to roll over and wiggle around safely and freely. It has become known as the best swaddle transition solution! The slight resistance in the arm-span helps soothe the startle reflex and will often work to ensure sounder sleep when most other products of its kind fail. With the full enclosure the Zipadee-Zip provides, babies can pick up and put in their pacifier or play with a toy while wearing it! It help prevents the risk of hip dysplasia, keeps loose blankets out of the crib and is also safe to be worn while a baby is buckled into a car seat or stroller! It keeps those little hands warm all night and prevents scratching too! It’s also perfect for keeping germs at bay on airplanes, in doctor’s offices and in grocery stores! It has been proven to help ease the transition from the Rock and Play Sleeper to the crib and can help prevent early crib climbing! PLEASE NOTE: The Zipadee-Zip is NOT a swaddle alternative and is a swaddle transition and to only be used when a baby reaches the below milestones… *3 Months of age *Is starting to roll *weighs at least 12lbs *Is breaking out of the swaddle and waking up at night. Please contact us at for any questions and help.


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