Weinisite Eco-Friendly Adult Soft Bristles Bamboo Toothbrush (Pack of 3)

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Color:Pack of 3 Item specifics Item Type: Toothbrush handle Material: Bamboo Age Group: Adults Size: 19cm*1.3cm Best Eco-Friendly biodegradable Bamboo Handles and BPA-Free Non-Plastic Nylon Bristles For Natural Dental Care – Perfect Environmentally Friendly Way To Help Our Planet Go Green Packing detail: Bamboo Toothbrush bamboo products after carbonation, is through high temperature and pressure treatment, with no cracking, deformation, wear, hardness, toughness, environmental protection and other advantages. Shallow carbonized with the above on the basis of merit, toothbrush more refreshing and clean Environmentally Wood toothbrush novelty bamboo toothbrush soft-bristle capitulate bamboo fiber wooden handle It feels much smoother than a plastic toothbrush,Your gums are less sensitive after using this toothbrush probably because the plastic ones scratch them,our toothbrushes are super soft Bamboo toothbrushes by Weinisite are the sustainable and eco-friendly choice in toothbrushes. Made from beautiful, high-quality bamboo and soft BPA-free nylon bristles, they are the natural and ecological alternative to plastic toothbrushes br>We aim to provide our customers with high quality products and customer service. If you have any problems about the products and delivery, please do not leave negative review and feedback before contacting us. You can contact us via Amazon message so that we can try our best to deal with your problems. We assure you we will work out a satisfied solution.


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