Unisex muslin swaddle blankets for babies (3 pack, 35′ x 35′)

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Babies are cuddly and they are happiest when they are loved. Swaddling is a wonderful way to help a baby feel safe and secure and sleep soundly. Next to Mama’s warm hug, Mooiste swaddle blankets are one of the best ways to keep baby cosy and comfortable. Made of 100% cotton muslin, these swaddle blankets come in a 3-pack set. Each swaddle blanket is generously sized, measuring 35” x 35” and each blanket is designed with trendy, modern and chic gender neutral unisex patterns that are adorable and pleasing to the eye. Equally charming for both boys and girls! We especially chose 100% cotton muslin because it is super soft, breathable, and lightweight and gently cares for your baby’s sensitive skin. The fabric lets your baby’s body temperature adjust naturally, keeping him or her comfortable and preventing overheating. It has just the right amount of stretchability to keep baby gently snug in a womb-like ambiance. With each wash, it gets even softer and better. Muslin stays warm in winter and cool in summer. And after you stop swaddling your baby, you can simply use it as a light blanket! There are several ways to use Mooiste swaddle blankets, making them efficient multi-taskers, just like you! Besides using them to ensure your baby sleeps happily, you can use them as a baby wrap, a nursing cover, drape over your baby’s car seat or stroller to provide shade when baby’s sleeping, use as a changing mat, tummy time blanket, picnic blanket and burp cloth to name a few. Mooiste swaddle blankets come beautiful packed in a colorful box and make the perfect baby shower gift, birthday gift or Christmas gift. Mooiste swaddle blankets – soft as a mother’s touch, great for babies and toddlers!


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