TrueWomb Weaning Swaddle – White (Medium (3-6 Months) 11-17 LBS.)

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Size:Medium  |  Color:White The only swaddle on the market that controls the startle reflex in both the arms and legs. TrueWomb replicates the feeling of mother’s womb, making baby’s transition to the real world happier for everyone! Legs and hips can stretch and flex while our patent-pending SwaddleTechTM system comfortably eases them back in to the fetal position that they are accustomed to. The Weaning Swaddle is the only product that closely replicates the womb by allowing movement of the arms and the legs rather than binding them. The SwaddleTechTM Pouch design eases babies into the natural fetal position they desire while at rest, but allows the legs to fully extend and stretch while active. The upper system snugly keeps arms in place within the escape-proof SecureSleeveTM, while still allowing for natural movements. The adjustable ComfortWrapTM belt made from Soft and Flexible Velcro® creates a secure foundation at the waistline for the extension and retraction of the SwaddleTech Pouch. The Sleeping Swaddle features lightweight, breathable four-way stretch cotton to provide comfort and prevent overheating and is available in four sizes: Small (S) through Large (L).


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