Swaddling Blankets Muslin Baby Blanket by Nap Ninja – 100% Cotton

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Do you ever wish that you could get your little one to go to sleep at the drop of a hat? If only they’d lay down 1 hour earlier, maybe you could finish that project you were working on… We’ve all been there. Your normally sweet and serene little angel won’t stop throwing a tantrum because they’re too hot, too scratchy, or just in a bad mood. Every baby has that little trick that settles them down and puts them in nap mood. For some babies it’s a car ride or rocking them to sleep. Usually, they’re uncomfortable and those things won’t keep them sleeping for long. That’s why you need to wrap them up in their favorite swaddling blanket and call it a night. The Nap Ninja muslin swaddling blanket is sure to become their new favorite blanket that they’ll never want to part with. It’s a good thing that it gets softer with age, is made to last, and is 58” X 58”(bigger than most other swaddling blankets) so they won’t outgrow their blanket for a very long time. If you’re ready to get your little sweetheart their new favorite blanket, press the add to cart button above. You’ll thank us later.


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