SwaddleDesigns Ultimate Swaddle Blanket with The Happiest Baby CD Bundle, Jewel Tone Mod Circles, True Blue

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Color:Jewel Tone Mod Circles True Blue The SwaddleDesigns Baby Sleep Bundle will help the whole family get more sleep, and help reduce risk of parent exhaustion and sleep deprivation. According to a 2012 survey, more sleep is the number one desire for families, even ahead of more time or money. New parents will be delighted when baby is sleeping better and longer using SwaddleDesigns award winning swaddling blankets and Dr. Karp’s Happiest Baby specially engineered super soothing white noise CD. Dr. Karp selected and designed 6 sounds to help baby sleep longer and to help parents calm a fussy baby. These special sounds actually trigger the calming reflex a relative off switch for crying and on switch for sleep all babies are born with. Our Ultimate Swaddles are baby soft, breathable, 100% USA Cotton blankets for moderate to cooler climates. Hospitals across the USA use cotton flannel to swaddle newborns. Sized at 42 x 42 inches (106 x 106 cm), our swaddling blankets are larger than typical receiving blankets, and they have a multitude of uses beyond swaddling; such as a privacy throw when breastfeeding, play mat for tummy time, or as a shield over the stroller to protect from the sun or cool breeze. Machine wash gentle. Proudly made in the USA from USA cotton. Bundle includes: (1) Ultimate Swaddle Blanket and (1) Dr. Karp’s The Happiest Baby White Noise CD.


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