SwaddleDesigns Baby Lovie, Security Blanket, Polka Dots with Pastel Blue Satin Trim

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Product Description iParenting Media Award Winner A beautiful multi-functional blanket optimized for effective swaddling. This blanket is made of Certified Organic Cotton that is processed and preshrunk . No unnatural chemicals, pesticides or insecticides are used. Better for the earth and better for baby too. Caregivers and new parents often struggle when swaddling because they can’t remember how and the blanket that they are using is the wrong shape and size. The Ultimate Receiving Blanket™ is the optimum size and shape and the exclusive 1.2.3. Swaddle Tip Tag makes swaddling easy. The Ultimate Receiving Blanket™ was designed by an RN and mother and is the perfect gift for the new parents. Organic Ultimate Receiving Blanket™ features: Everyday essential for newborns; use for swaddling, privacy throw for nursing, tummy time blanket. Stylish and functional blanket that is a parent and celebrity favorite. Made of super-soft, preshrunk cotton flannel with a beautiful decorative edge. Large 42′ x 42′ size is much bigger than typical receiving blankets, yet it easily rolls and fits in the diaper bag. Pediatricians recommend swaddling to comfort newborns: Swaddled Babies Sleep Better Swaddling reduces incidence of SIDS Swaddling reduces colic and fussiness Swaddling can help make breastfeeding easier Yes, you can have this item personalized! We can embroider the baby’s name in on the back of the blanket. From the Manufacturer SwaddleDesigns Baby Lovie? is a silky soft security blankie with textures that little fingers love and the perfect size for children aged six months and older


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