Stay Put Big Girl/Boy Semicircle Bed Rail Bumper Pad for Toddler

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Sleep Better Sleep better knowing your child is sleeping better with less risk of rolling off their bed Stays Put When used correctly the unique texture of the semicircle pad keeps it where you place it and they will not move, do not be fooled other designs that do not STAY PUT New Bed The Stay Put Big Girl Boy Bed semicircle bumper pads are the perfect go between for children who have out grown their crib, but are not quite ready to sleep in a traditional bed without rolling off in the night.  Use on Twin, Full, Queen or King beds, never in cribs Sold by Piece This listing is sold by the piece, the pad is 9 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall by 56 inches long with each order Easy to Install Pads are easy to install and only require placing them on top of the mattress pad and below the fitted sheet Easy for Children The foam is firm enough that it is difficult for most children to rollover during sleep yet still soft enough for the child to rest their head on and climb over when getting in and out of bed Keep your Sheets The low profile of the bumpers mean they will work with your existing sheets so there is no need to purchase separate deep pocket sheets Save Time and Money Get child safety on a regular mattress without having to buy expensive bulky side rails. Unlike more permanent side rails when you don’t need the bumper pads, simply remove them No Entrapment Since the Stay Put Bumper Pad goes under the existing sheets your child’s hair will not get hung up like it can on bed rails. When used correctly the pad is placed between the mattress pad and the bedding so there is no entrapment space for the child Unfamiliar Beds Great for use at Grandma’s or other unfamiliar beds Elderly Bumpers are also useful the elderly or disabled


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