Spahr Bedding Hypoallergenic Crib Terry Cotton Bedding Mattress Protector

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Mattress Protection for Your BabyGetting a good night’s rest is at the top of everyone’s wish list. We’ve designed our mattress protectors to make it easier for your whole family to sleep well. They are made of materials that protect your family while keeping your mattress clean. Protection against germs, dust mites, and fluids means more comfortable sleep with fewer interruptions.  Babies spend more hours in their crib than almost anywhere else. That’s why it’s the most important place to your infant from germs and allergens. Your infant deserves to be protected from accidents and spills that could seep into the mattress and create a breeding ground for nasty germs and bugs to breed. Accidents happen. Bedwetting, spills, and daily life can make a mattress gross and gunky before it’s time. With great mattress protection, you’ll be protecting the investment you made when you purchased your mattress. Guard against dirt, stains, spills, and odors so that your mattress will stay dry and clean for longer. You won’t need to deep clean anymore. Your mattress will look and feel like new for longer. That’s one less financial stress, so that’s another way you’ll sleep better at night. Protection from Allergens and IrritantsDust mite allergies are a major sleep disruption. Germs and irritants can flare up allergy attacks, inflaming asthma and eczema. We’ve designed our mattress protectors to help prevent these discomforts that can wreck your sleep. Our design:  Protects from allergens, bacteria and dust mites Keeps your mattress from getting musty Is made of hypoallergenic materials Contains no phthalates, vinyl or PVC Is completely waterproof, protecting against mold and mildewCrib Mattress: 28′ x 52′, depths up to 10’Easy to Use and MaintainInstead of spending time deep cleaning your mattress every season, wouldn’t it be nice to simply make the bed as normal? Care and use of our mattress protectors is as simple as making up your bed.  Fits onto mattress just like a sheet Deep, stretchy pockets fit all mattress depths Machine washable (no bleach) Tumble dry on low setting to protect waterproof backingOur mattress protectors are backed by a 100% waterproof barrier. They are highly absorbent and durable.No more stains or lingering odors from middle of the night diaper leaks or dripping bottles! The baby’s room will smell fresh, because the mattress will be clean. Our cotton terry tops are soft and comfortable, and won’t change the feel of your baby’s bed at all. That is backed by 100% waterproof material that is also breathable. It doesn’t trap heat like other materials, so your bed won’t feel like a furnace. The stretchy material on the sides keeps everything snug, perfectly in place all night long.  Our design features a breathable, super soft fabric perfect for your baby. It sleeps cool and silent – no crinkly noises. Your baby’s mattress will be protected from all sorts of spills and accidents thanks to 100% waterproof backing.


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