SALE Swaddle Blankets SwuddleCuddle 70% Bamboo 30% 2 Pack Softer than 100% Cotton

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The blanket that is missing in every household. Swuddle Cuddle’s elephant and zebra blankets are perfect for nursery bedding to cosy up and comfort babiesSo why should you go for SwuddleCuddle? SwuddleCuddle’s 70% Bamboo 30% blankets are made by the same company that supply aden and adais, with 12 years of experience of making blankets their quality will not let you down After conducting a survey, we concluded that bamboo blankets are a much softer material than cotton, which is why your baby will love it all the more! They are lightweight, soft, stretchy and can be washed over and over again! Furthermore they are perfect for all season temperatures So why not go for Aden & Anais? Due to the superiority of the material our blankets are more expensive to make, however we sell them for a lot cheaper! We believe that our customer be satisfied with not only the product but the amount of money and time spent on the item. We hope you will enjoy using this blanket half as much as we enjoy supplying it you


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