Ry Ry Bliss – Muslin Swaddle Blankets – 3 PACK – Large 47’x 47′- Gender Neutral – Beige Stripes, Moroccan, Black & Grey Chevron

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Ry Ry Bliss: 100% Muslin Cotton Swaddle Blankets, three pack. Swaddling with Bliss! To all the mothers and fathers out there, either expecting or currently swaddling, congratulations to the new addition to your family. I know that the joy you feel is immeasurable, as well as that feeling of “responsibility.” Don’t fret, for all the highs you will cherish and the pitfalls you will endure, you will accomplish this thing called parenthood. Swaddle blankets have become the mom’s and dad’s survival gear of all time. Innumerable in its versatility and utility, yet simply practicable in its use. I would like to introduce to you our Ry Ry Bliss Swaddle Blankets with hope that it will make the daily chores of raising your little kiddo a little easier. I pray your baby would feel the love and comfort from our swaddle blankets as they would feel from you. About our Swaddle Blankets Gentle and safe, muslin swaddle blankets will be soft against your baby’s skin and will provide a safe effective way to securely and comfortably swaddle your baby. Blanket size after washing is 47”x47”, an excellent size for swaddling your baby. Mechanically strong and durable. These blankets will last for years, after multiple washes, and even when put through all manner of environments. It may be possible that one day your grandbaby may be swaddled with this blanket. Softness will increase after ever wash, keeping it smooth and comfortable along your baby’s skin. Never forget how versatile these blankets are; as a car seat and stroller covers, a nursing cover, a changing pad, a burp cloth, a sunshade, a crib blanket, an emergency diaper cloth and so much more. Excellent contemporary styles and fashion concepts keeps you and your baby looking and feeling great 🙂 Buy our blankets today and enjoy our 100% money back guarantee!


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