Organic Swaddle Blanket – USA Made 100% Cotton (HONEY BEAR)

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Color:HONEY BEAR These 42 inch x 42 inch blankets are perfect for wrapping your baby to sleep. Made of a puffy cloud of Organic Cotton that’s beautifully light, stretchy and ideal for swaddling in any temperature. But the real magic happens when you wash it! Because every time it’s washed it just gets softer and softer and SOFTER to make this blanket more lovable every time you use it. So useful beyond swaddling as a light blanket or sunshade. Toddlers love to cuddle with this soft blanket too. We hope you and your child enjoys this blanket for years to come! All products from The Snug Bug are sewn in the USA from top-quality fabrics. Not for use as bedding. © All Rights Reserved.


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