Muslin Swaddle Blanket Set, Teal/Yellow/Blue, Set of 3

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Muslin Swaddle Blankets, 3 Pack – 100% Cotton 100% Cotton. Our cotton blankets are soft and comfortable. They are hypoallergenic and won’t irritate baby’s sensitive skin or cause allergies. All-natural and chemical free. This makes it perfect for babies and children. Large Size: 48 X 48” inches – A generously large swaddle gives you more fabric to work with and swaddles your baby securely and easily, whether your baby is a smaller baby or a regular size baby.3 Vibrant Colors Ultra Soft, Lightweight and Breathable – Keeps baby neatly at ease. During walks, the blankets can be used as stroller covers or burping cloths. Our Swaddle blankets are light enough to allow baby to feel mom’s touch and warmth. 3 Soothing Colors Perfect for Baby – Baby’s Nest blankets become softer with every wash! Our snuggly muslins help baby sleep and stay asleep.Gets Softer with Each Wash Mimics the Mother’s warmth to Soothe Baby – Our Baby Muslin Swaddle blankets mimic the mother’s warmth. They are designed to envelop babies in a gentle environment. Teal, Yellow, Blue Colors – Bright colors have been shown by scientists to stimulate children’s brains and increase focus. With our set of 3 colors, you get the perfect balance: soothing yet stimulating.


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