Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets 2 Pack – ‘Cuddle Swaddle’ – 100% Cotton – 47’x47′ Large & Soft Unisex Muslin Swaddles – 2 Pram Pegs & Elegant Gift Box

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Swaddling has been around for quite some time now. It is one of the oldest baby-soothing traditions in the world. As it makes babies feel safe and secure, it’s no wonder why for centuries, mothers all around the world have turned to swaddling to help provide comfort to their babies.Baby Booee Swaddle Blankets are made from 2-ply 100% Muslin cotton fabric. They are thin, soft, stretchy and durable. Designed at 47” of width and length, the large sized blankets are able to hold your baby safe and tight regardless of his/her size. The soft material allows the skin to breathe and is suitable for newborns. Muslin blankets are soft and thin enough to prevent overheating. They keep your baby warm enough in the winter and cool enough in the summer.They look beautiful and come in gender neutral colors, suitable for both boys and girls. They also fold up easily so they can be carried around in your diaper bag.Conveniently use this swaddle blanket also as receiving blanket, stroller padding, play mat, nursing cover, bath towel, wash cloth, baby bib, canopy… and just about anything else that you can imagine, inlcuding fancy mommy scarf ;-).  Swaddling is known to be the safest and most comfortable way for your baby to rest and sleep and has quite a few advantages. Helps babies adapt to the new, outside world. In the first few days of life, a swaddle blanket will keep babies warm till their own thermostat kicks in. The baby gets a feeling that is similar to the tightness, warmth and security they felt before being born. It reduces the risk of SIDS. Swaddling helps mothers know their little ones are safe as it keeps them on their backs preventing them from suffocating themselves. It makes you both happy. Swaddling your baby helps provide them with the much needed sleep they deserve better ensuring that not only they but you are happy. It ensures you also get to rest well which in turn helps you recover sooner.  Helps babies stay asleep. Your baby will not only sleep better but longer with the swaddling blanket. It will keep your little (or big) one from being disturbed by his/her own startle reflex.At the core of our newly designed product there are every new mother’s needs, starting with her baby safe and sound sleep, up to the financial or time saving aspects. Because you need premium quality, we chose 100% cotton, 2-ply, pre-washed fabric Because your baby needs a safe, comfortable sleep, we used strong and durable, yet soft, lightweight and stretchy muslin fabric, known to be perfect for swaddling and used by parents all over the world  Because you want to save space, money and time, we deliver large sized swaddle blankets, suitable for multiple uses: baby swaddle blanket, infant receiving blanket, toddler play blanket, nursing cover, canopy, wash cloth, bath towel, baby bib or even a trendy scarf for mommy 🙂 Because you are a friend of the planet or striving to become one, we designed eco-friendly packaging, entirely recyclable or reusable for storage purposes.Plenty More BenefitsEach pack includes a useful set of 2 pram pegs, which cand be used to to secure the swaddle blankets over the stroller, when used as a canopy, as a nursing cover or when drying them without damaging the material.The Cuddle Swaddle 2 pack can make a thoughtful gift for new parents or for a baby shower gathering so we thought about the packaging as well, designing a very stylish, yet simple, elegant drawer box. The carton box package is also completely recyclable and it is designed to be reused for storage purposes. Think green! Reduce, reuse, recycle! Each swaddle blanket has a beautiful gender neutral design, suitable for baby boys and girls, with kind, loving words and cuddly hearts, to wrap your baby with all the positive feelings.


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