MozGuard Mosquito Repellent Clip (3 Pack) All Natural Citronella Insect Protection for Baby Cribs, Infant Strollers and Kids Bed Nets – No DEET or Bug Sprays

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Mosquito Repellent Clips With All Natural Citronella By MozGuard (3 Pack)MozGuard Black Mosquito Repellent Clips with natural Citronella for baby cribs, infant strollers and kids beds.Includes:3x Empty Clip Ons6x Refill PelletsThe MozGuard Mosquito Repellent clip on makes an excellent, quick and effective alternative to mosquito nets for cribs and is the ideal baby bug repellent for your precious little ones.Simply clip the all-natural Citronella baby mosquito repellent product to your child’s bed and rest assured they’ll sleep through the night safe from mosquito bites. Forget the sticky mosquito repellents for kids which contain numerous unpronounceable chemicals and harmful ingredients such as DEET.Our natural mosquito repellent refill pods are made of natural ingredients including Citronella, Geranium, Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils.All of these natural ingredients are well known to naturally repel mosquitos and other flying insects without direct skin contact. CLIP IT ANYWHERE – Perfect for attaching to your baby stroller, infant crib, kids bed or your child’s backpack.Also ideal for inside tents, dog kennels, clipping to belt loops, onto flip flops or even your purse.A great addition to your campsite or evening outdoor BBQ so you can relax and enjoy yourself without worrying about insect bites.?SAFE FOR ALL AGES – Ideal for babies, infants, toddlers, kids and children of all ages while playing, sleeping, exploring or camping – indoors or outdoors.DEET Free & non toxic yet safe and highly effective without direct skin contact. 3 CLIPS & 6 REFILL PODS INCLUDED – Each refill tablet gives 15 days protection.Lightweight and compact makes these anti mosquito clipons ideal for camping, hiking, walking, boating, fishing, travelling, backpacking and more.Forget constantly reapplying harsh, toxic chemicals and leave the messy, bulky and heavy liquids at home.This all natural baby insect repellent is designed for use with (or instead of) mosquito nets for strollers, mosquito netting for beds and mosquito repellent bracelets, patches or stickers. Give yourself peace of mind and a safe yet effective way to protect your family and yourself from mosquito bites this summer.


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