lulujo I Will Move Mountains Milestones & Cellular Blanket Set

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Birth & up. Create beautiful themed photos that track your baby’s growth and keep them warm and snuggly with this Milestones and Blanket set. Use the I Will Move Mountains blanket and Milestone cards to set up a fun backdrop for exciting baby photos that show your baby’s age from 1 day old to 1 year. The soft, grey cellular blanket can add to the photos and be used as a comfortable, breathable swaddle, stroller cover, and more. Both blankets are machine washable. Included: Large, multifunctional cotton blanket with beautiful mountain theme and I Will Move Mountains phrase, 14 Milestone cards that track age up to 1 year, Breathable, soft, grey cellular blanket. Mountain blanket size: 40′ x 40′. Cellular blanket size: 39′ x 31′.


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