Lovely Baby Wrap Swaddle Blanket Soft and comfortable Combed Cotton (Pink)

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Color:Pink 10-Second Saddle The best and the easiest way to saddle your baby! Do you know how to fold a burrito? Then you can swaddle a newborn with our Happy Baby wrap. No more excuses for new dads not to change that diaper! Swaddling the little one back up is no task at all. No More New Parent Jitters! – Hold or carry your baby with confidence. – Down-like blanket protects the baby. – Built-in cushion supports neck and back. Did you know? Swaddling Babies too Tight can Increase the Risk of Hip Displacement! Happy Baby Wraps is roomy enough to allow for natural hip movement which reduces the risk of hip displacement. Besides, new babies start to move around after 2 or 3 weeks and the Lovely baby wrap lets them wiggle a bit while the down-like blanket swaddles around them still keeping them nice and cozy. Happy Baby baby wrap is one of a kind product that is a cross between a down-like swaddling blanket and a carrier. It is perfect to use in a crib, a bassinet or a bassinet stroller. Happy Baby wrap has an insert made out of Combed Cotton that provides comfortable back and neck support. It also protects your baby and apposes back and neck when friends and family hold her. Happy Baby wrap is designed to provide room for natural baby movements while they rest or sleep. At the same time, Happy Baby wrap is made out of down-like material that still hugs the babies like a normal swaddle. Happy Baby wrap is easy to wrap up or adjust the size. Just fold the bottom up and then fold each side over. Align the Velcro strips and it is done in 10 seconds tops. Velcro strips let you adjust the size of the bundle. Best for babies from birth to 4 months old.


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