Little Kiddo Baby Newborn Fur Photography Photo Props Blanket rug Beanbag Background Backdrops (Pink)

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Size:100 * 50cm  |  Color:Pink Do you want to record your baby’s first moment? Will you be regret not taking loads of photos of your baby in the early days? Are you tired of the regular, generic, common pictures like others? These wonderful baby photography blankets will make your little angel looks adorable in every picture. Your lovely baby is special and deserve special ,delightful and truly remarkable photos that create a feeling of astonishment to anyone who looks at them! Capturing The Most Fascinating Pictures On Earth Is Actually Super Easy! Taking lovely baby photos is easier than ever when you use Little Kiddo ‘s Premium quality baby photo rug. Discover the magic that lies within Little Kiddo ‘s Baby Photo Blankets: Baby are quite unpredictable and their motions may distort your photos. However, this is not a problem with our blankets! Even the crankiest and most impatient babies turn into peaceful angels from the moment you put them on the coziness Little Kiddo’s baby photo blanket. As a result, you or your photographer can capture the most charming shots from every possible angle! And after photoshoot is over, you can use it for your next baby or use for room decoration! Read Before Bidding: 1. The blanket is mainly used for photography or decoration, medium softness. NOT suitable for daily infant wrap. 2. The blanket is made by hand, it’s normal if some lint slip out, because the lint might attach to the blanket when tailoring and trimming, the blanket itself won’t lint. 3. The blanket is absolutely new and safe. It doesn’t irritate your baby or cause any kind of discomfort. 4. Please wash the blanket before using. Then hung dry, It will make the blanket more fresh, fluffy and smell good. Still have a question? Ask / Search for answers on ‘Customer Questions & Answers’ below, or contact us by messages.


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