Light Pink Newborns Infant Sleep Pillow Wedge,Adjustable Width 10-22CM

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Product Description

Sleeping Wedge Function (1)It’s designed to prevent sleeping or rolling onto their front( the highest risk point for infant death )(2)It allows baby to rotate from lying on their back(considered to be safest sleep place) to either right or left to prevent positional head flattening.(3).Make baby sleep better and quieter in the night What is the age range for using the baby wedgeThe product designed for 0-6 months infants,to fix their Correct sleeping posture and help Sleep Well. Why need it for newborns? Because newborns who at 0-6 months have no the ability of self-protection yet,not able to raise head,turn around ect. If overlooking sleep,it will press their organs,such as heart,bladder or stomach ect,not good for baby growth.Even worsely,it will lead to suffocation. Of course,lying sleeping is also great sleep way,but some parents worry that ‘flat head’ happens.So usually doctors recommend them Right-side sleeping for baby,no worry for ‘flat head’,also right-side sleeping will be beneficial to blood circulation!


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