Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe 100% Cotton Knit, Large, Pink (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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Product Description

Product description Pediatricians have long advised parents to swaddle their newborn. The award-winning Summer Infant and Co SwaddleMe will help soothe your infant and reduce symptoms of colic by recreating the soothing snugness of the womb. Designed for babies from birth to From the Manufacturer The SwaddleMe® provides the simplest way to swaddle with soft fabric wings that hug your baby close. A leg pouch pops down for quick diaper changes while leaving baby comfortably swaddled. As baby grows, wings adjust for a customized fit for your baby. Swaddling soothes infants by recreating the comforting snugness of the womb and new research shows that swaddling may help reduce the risk of SIDS by promoting better sleep when babies are on their backs. Pediatricians recommend swaddling to soothe and comfort newborns, helping them sleep better and also to help reduce colic. A percentage of each SwaddleMe® sold is donated to First Candle / SIDS Alliance to help babies survive and thrive.


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