I Love Mommy, I Love Daddy Security Blanket (Pastel) by Comfort Silkie

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Created for Comfort: The Comfort Silkie signature original security blanket is the perfect gift for every baby! This blankie is sure to be a favorite possession. Created by Jeanelle Troncone, renowned Early Parenthood/Childbirth Educator and mother of six, who understands babies. Researched and designed to evoke a comfort response, and in turn achieve baby bliss. Made of cotton flannel backed and bound in silkie charmeuse satin which is lightweight, breathable, and easy to care for. These fabrics were chosen specifically because they remind a little one of the silkie surroundings within the environment of the womb and also absorb mother’s soothing scent. It is used in hospital pediatrics and NIC units where comfort is essential because it promotes healing and growth for those delicate new lives. Sized for little hands 14”x 18” making it easy take their beloved Comfort Silkie Security Blanket everywhere they go. ~Creating comfort for over 25 years. Made in the USA.


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