Comfort & Harmony Woombie Peanut Convertible Swaddle-Restful Raindrops

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Size:3-6 months  |  Style:Restful Raindrops Woombie Peanut Convertible Swaddle by Comfort & Harmony is a 2-in-1: arms-in or arms-out swaddle that’s perfect for the baby who is starting to roll over, or is ready to transition out of swaddling. Simply snap or unsnap the arm holes to convert between arms-in and arms-out. The unique peanut shape and flexible Bebeflex fabric lets baby move naturally. The Top Down, Bottom Up Zipper makes diaper changes easy. Our unique peanut shape gently hugs baby’s shoulders and hips to give baby that secure, swaddled feeling – so everyone can sleep like a baby. Our partnership with the mom (and nurse) of the Woombie Innovation makes our collection of Peanut Swaddles unique – so everyone can sleep like a baby.


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