ChunkiChilli Organic Cotton Knitting Yarn – Color: Twine

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Color:Twine We are really grateful for the comments we have received about this yarn and we feel that these will help us improve the product in future. In the meantime, we suggest that you have a look through the comments from other knitters, so that you are clear on what you can expect.It is beautiful yarn. It is very soft. Ideal for children’s wear. The cotton originates from Turkey. The ChunkiChilli brand offers 22 outstanding colours all available here on Amazon.We will not deny that some customers have encountered some difficulties with regard to converting the skene to a ball. This is a problem that we will resolve in future batches. With regard to colours, some customers have noted that the colours look duller in real life than they do on the computer. It has been suggested that the photographer turned up the saturation when taking the shots. I will say that we photographed the yarn several times and this was the closest we were able to get in terms of likeness. Please bear in mind that it is pretty much impossible to achieve a true match on a computer, particularly because each computer screen is set differently. If you are ordering for something that requires an exact colour, we suggest that you order a small quantity first, to do a colour match, before ordering the remainder. Please bear with us. We will make this product more user-friendly as we learn more. Your comments are extremely useful in this. Please keep them coming.


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