Blankie Tails Mermaid Tail Blanket (Ages 2-5) (Shark – Gray & Deep Blue)

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Product Description

Open wide! Let your toddler imagine they are the fiercest predator in the sea or simply just a fish among the fleet with the Blankie Tails™ Shark Blanket. Blankie Tails™ are made from premium-grade, double-sided minky fabric with embellishments that will make any child feel adventurous while they are lounging about. 24 inches across ( 2 feet), and 37 inches in length (just over 3 feet) in length, and fit most sharks, but made for children 1-4 years old and are machine washable. Blankie Tails™ are perfect for movie nights, sleepover, camping, road trips and just hanging out with friends and family. As the creator of The Original Shark Blanket™, Blankie Tails™ prides it’s self of using only the best materials and quality construction. Also check out our JAWESOME Kids Size Shark Blankets, Teen/Adult size Blankie Tails™ and Blankie Tails™ Mermaid Blankets. Makes a great gift!


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