Bitta Kidda Baby Soother Sleeping Bag Wearable Blanket + Lovey – Pink Stripe 3M

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Size:3-9 Months  |  Color:Pink Stripes The Bitta Kidda Lovie/Sack is the answer to your baby’s bedtime routine! A safer alternative to stuffed animals or blankets in the crib, an easy-access diagonal zipper for diaper changes and an internal diaper cover to prevent twisting, the self-soothing Wearable Lovie makes for more restful sleep – babies and parents agree! Is this the perfect baby sleeping sack? We think so! The Bitta Kidda Lovie/Sack has all the pizazz of a typical sack, but comes with special features no other one has: the patented Wearable Lovie is safe for baby to have in the crib! This feature alone makes it worth it. But there’s more: the internal diaper cover acts as a onesie bottom, allowing the sack to move smoothly with your baby, no more tangles! Safety 1st: Bitta Kidda Lovie/Sack is a safer alternative to extra items in the crib – now baby can safely snuggle with the blanket-soft, Wearable Lovie at naptime or bedtime without hesitation!Self-soothing: The Wearable Lovie allows baby to self-soothe during the night. Strategically placed on the garment, the crib-safe, attached lovies will help your baby learn to sleep soundly.Quick & Easy: Patented diagonal zipper creates easy-access for diaper changes, yet still allows baby to cuddle the lovie. Bonus: No zipper ends to match up and baby can’t unzip themselves (zipper ends under the arm and is covered by a tab) Restful Sleep: The internal diaper cover is a game-changer for sleeping sacks. Acting as a onesie bottom, your baby won’t get tangled in the fabric. The sack moves as they do, allowing your baby (and you) to sleep more soundly! This clever sleeping sack was thoughtfully designed with the needs of parents and baby in mind, and is recommended by professional sleep consultants. The Wearable Lovie gives parents peace of mind, while their little ones drift off to sleep (and stay asleep). And as baby gets older, the Wearable Lovie saves the day because it can’t be tossed out of the crib. BONUS!


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