Bawum 5-Layer Soft Waterproof Fitted Crib Protective Mattress Pad Cover

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The perfect crib mattress cover for a comfortable night’s sleep for your baby No peeling after washes! No smell! No plastic noise! Unique manufacturing method makes the Bawum baby mattress pad the best choice for your baby To avoid the most frequent defects of crib mattress protectors, we created a five-layer design. The top 100% natural cotton layer is filled with hallow fiber, which makes the surface very soft and agreeable to touch without any smell or noise. The bottom sheet is made of non-woven fabric, and is laminated with TPU film. It is also sewn together with the top part, which prevents the TPU film from peeling after several washes, while making your baby’s mattress protector more durable than other products. As the waterproof TPU film is sewn inside the pad, it doesn’t make any plastic noises.. Let us help you provide your baby with restful sleep, while leaving your crib mattress clean BENEFITS It keeps the crib mattress safe, as it is perfectly waterproof It allows your baby to remain dry, thanks to the waterproof and breathable nature of the cover The 52′ x 28′ x 9′ size fits perfectly to most crib mattresses Ensures comfortable sleep, as it makes no noise when your baby moves Ensures high comfort thanks to the soft cotton layer filled with hallow fibers It doesn’t irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies, as cotton and hallow fibers are fully-hypoallergenic materials PLUS LIFETIME WARRANTY Click the ADD TO CART Button Now


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