Baby Bathrobe Hooded Bath Towel, 100% Cotton Infant Blue Shark Bath Robe, Baby Shower Gift, 0-12 Months

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YOUR LITTLE SHARK MONSTER will be showing off in this awesome, soft, adorable Shark Bathrobe. Parents, Family, and friends are going love this sea-inspired robe and so will your baby! CREATE LASTING MEMORIES of your little one that the whole family will enjoy in one of our bathrobes! Our robes are so cute that they’ve been used in multiple different photo-shoots, which captured the joy and laughter of every child and their family! BATH TIME: What better way to dry your little shark monster after a revitalizing bath time, than with something cozy, absorbent, and cute as this Shark hooded bath suit. SHARK ROBE DETAILS: -The robe tie attached to the robe is conveniently sewn on so you will always be able to make sure your precious baby is nice and comfortable! The tail of the robe adds another cool little detail to an already sweet baby bath robe. Two shark eyes on the baby bath robe and the shark fin on the hooded towel add even more detail to increase the cuteness. The teeth on the hood he towel will scare off all the dolphins! Made with 100% cotton, not only is this an adorable and cute bathrobe, it powerfully absorbs water after bath time. -This makes it the perfect robe to wear for almost every occasion, including bath time, to the BEACH, to the POOL, to the LAKE or RIVER, and any other occasion that calls for your baby to stay dry, warm, and adorable. BABY SHOWER GIFT: Yes this is the perfect gift for that newborn. The unisex color is perfect for even the mothers who wait to find out the gender of their baby. You can’t go wrong with this shark hooded bath robe.


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