Adjustable Swaddle Infant Wrap – with Velcro for Boys and Girls by Babeluv (2 Pack, Baby&Rattle / Bubbles)

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Size:2 Pack  |  Color:Baby&Rattle / Bubbles Putting your babies to sleep in a snap is possible and now made easier with the new Babeluv Swaddle Wrap Set with Velcro. Great additions to your baby accessories, our baby swaddle wrap sack are made with 100% COTTON making it the comfiest and the most comfortable way to put your babies to sound sleep! Convenient and hassle free, you can never go wrong with our swaddle wraps because the Velcro attachment feature ensures that your baby is safely hooked on to the wrap. Swaddle away through the winter or summertime because our swaddle wraps are breathable and cozy! Tried and tested, your baby will never feel uncomfortable with these swaddle wraps. A smart and a practical purchase, our swaddles come with fun and colorful UNISEX designs. NOTE: We value your satisfaction and the happiness of your baby! This purchase is backed with a 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! We will gladly return your money with zero hassle. Safety Precautions: NEVER PUT/ALLOW A SWADDLED BABY TO SLEEP ON HIS STOMACH NOR USE THIS PRODUCT WHEN BABY HAS LEARNED TO ROLL OVER DO NOT SWADDLE TOO TIGHTLY NOR TOO LOOSELY IF SWADDLING WITH ARMS BY THE SIDES, LEAVE A LITTLE FLEXION IN THE ELBOWS –YOUR BABY’S ARMS SHOULDN’T BE RIGIDLY STRAIGHT. IF SWADDLING WITH HANDS BY FACE, CHECK ON THE BABY REGULARLY TO BE SURE YOUR BABY HASN’T BROKEN FREE OF THE SWADDLE AND LOOSENED HER BLANKET Legal Disclaimer: Use caution in using this product at all times. Avoid swaddling that may impede breathing, circulation or in anyway cause harm to your baby. Keep away from fire. BabyLuv, its employees and agents, assume no responsibility for any harm brought by improper use of this product.


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