4 COUNT!!! – Bamboo Muslin Receiving Swaddle Baby Blankets Luxuriously Soft!

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ALSO AVAILABLE IN ORGANIC COTTON!!! (please search separate listing). There are some moments too precious to pass on and too important to miss… time with a happy baby is one of these moments. Swaddling babies is nothing new, but the art of swaddling has been reinvigorated with the introduction of elegant soft fabrics. Muslin fabric, with its gentle and soothing feel, has revolutionized the way new mothers and caregivers are wrapping their precious ones. But not all muslin is created equally. At La Libellule Bebe we have babies of our own and we insist on quality. Our fabrics were hand-selected for their superior softness, durability and feel. We meticulously scrutinized blends of organic cotton, bamboo, and other fabrics to create the finest swaddle blankets in the world. So enjoy your time with your precious baby, and enjoy swaddling them in blankets that are second in softness only to your baby’s skin. SHIPS ONLY FROM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. MANUFACTURER AND DISTRIBUTOR (WOODSIDE BRANDS, LLC) PROVIDES 90 DAY WARRANTY FOR MATERIALS AND CONSTRUCTION. THERE ARE NO AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS OR RESELLERS OF THIS PRODUCT.


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