100% Organic Cotton, Summer Model, 1 Tog, Double Layered Baby Sleeping Bag

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Product Description

The outer shell and inner lining are made of luxurious, 100% very soft organic cotton to provide maximum comfort for your baby. Open and flat-fold design with snaps at the shoulders. The bags are double lined for more comfort and quality with adjustable armholes for better fit. Used safely in Europe for over 35 years, baby sleeping bags ensure that your child is always covered and warm, regardless of how actively they may sleep. Baby sleeping bags – also called a baby sleep sack – are the safer, more comfortable alternative to traditional loose baby bedding. Designed as a “wearable blanket” a baby sleep sack keeps your baby comfortable and warm all night long, so you’ll sleep better too! Reduces certain SIDS risk factors. Sleeveless for better air circulation. Eliminates loose bedding in the crib that might cover the babies face. 100% organic cotton inner and outer layer for extra durability. Opens up flat for easy access and diaper changes. Adjustable armholes for better fit. Machine washable. Can be tumble-dried. Contains no polyester.


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